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Vibrant and Unique Nightlife in Spain

The archipelago of Balearic Islands draws thousands of visitors every year with the crowd at peak seasons such as summer. The crowd comes over from the mainland as well as from across the globe especially from England and other parts of Europe due to the proximity of Spain.

Tourists make a point to visit one or more Balearic Islands which comprise Mallorca, Menorca, Cabrera, Formentera and Ibiza. There are plenty to see and do at these islands during the day but the night is just as interesting and thrilling. There is no lack of adventure during the day or night for any visitor coming for a night, weekend or longer.

Ibiza Island proves to one of the more delightful spot for a vibrant nightlife; it is quite renowned for its abundant pubs, bars and discotheques especially on Barcelona Street where one can visit one bar to another.

Tourists have no problem seeking out the best of nightlife at Ibiza as the masses would be obvious after dusk. Tourists and locals throng the streets to choose any bar or pub to let their hair down for some hours.

Those who prefer a more serene environment at night can check out the quaint terraces and exquisite restaurants around the local port where there are souvenir stands opening till the late night for the convenience of tourists. Hence, it is never too late in Ibiza that one must turn in for the night.
Towns and cities

The islands have many quaint villages and towns which may not have the kind of nightlife as vibrant as the cities but the night environment at the Balearic Islands prove to be interesting and conducive. There is usually a good crowd at any of the islands’ bars, pubs and discotheques which cater to the young crowd with live entertainment, contemporary music and a dance floor.

Villages and small towns offer a different type of nightlife that is unique with a softer ambience but rich with the local culture and warm hospitality. However, there are some big discotheques in certain villages just to cater to the tourists from far and near.

Bigger cities such as Valencia enjoy “La Movida” which is the local term for “movement” or the weekend excitement that runs between Friday evening and Sunday morning. The locals and many tourists have their whole weekend of fun with no break or sleep time in between. Only those in really good shape and very determined are able to try this marathon weekend for a special and unique experience.

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Enjoying the Best of Spanish Gastronomy Delights

Spain is a vast beautiful country that offers not only the best of sights but gastronomy delights. Any visitor far and near would be satisfied with the wide range of local cuisine that is offered.

Local cuisine
There are plenty of delightful local cuisines across Spain with different autonomous regions offering unique specialties. The archipelago Balearic Islands comprising Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza islands have plenty of cuisine specialties.

In Mallorca, there is the local egg-plant with stuffed fish or meat. This is a popular local dish which is consumed by many local families at their meals. Seafood lovers would be thrilled with the exquisite Cigala Mallorquina which is a rare species in the world with an existence here only.

Locals love pork; hence, the oven-roasted Rostit is a favorite dish served with liver, bread, apples and eggs. Those who prefer chicken would enjoy Pollo relleno de Granada which has pomegranates inside the chicken. An alternative is Pechuga de Pavo which is turkey in Salsa de Almendras; that is local almond sauce. Others may want to try some pigeon cooked in chestnut sauce. All Spanish locals would enjoy the sweet Ensaimadas on Mallorca.

Menorca Island offers the best of fish and seafood such as Caldereta de Langosta which is fresh seafood served with a variety of peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic plus a splatter of herb-flavored liqueur. Menorcans love Arroz con Langosta which is rice with seafood cooked in any style. The island’s specialty is Perdiz Menorquina which is partridge meat using the best of local recipes.

Ibiza Island offers a wide range of seafood hotpot with a lot of exceptional fish recipes that include stingrays like the scrumptious Burrida de Ratjada.

Local accompaniments
The Balearic Islands are also renowned for their delightful locally produced wines that would go well with any of the local cuisines offered. Mallorca is famous for its local wines and liqueurs whereas Ibiza is renowned for its herb-flavored liqueur. These drinks are a great way to accompany any meal set on the islands.

The islands are also renowned for the abundant oranges and vegetables that are grown everywhere across the islands. These are used in many local dishes as condiments to accompany any tasty gourmet in Spain.

There are many secret recipes which give rise to numerous fine cuisines on the islands. Rice is a popular staple food in Spain that accompanies a host of sumptuous local recipes.

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Great Sights at Cabrera Island

Cabrera Island is one of the idyllic islands of the Balearic Islands archipelago. It may be one of the smaller islands but it packs a host of delightful offerings for the holidaymakers anytime. Besides the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and pleasant sunshine almost throughout the year, there are quaint sights at the different smaller islands around Cabrera such as lighthouse, bays and caves. Hence, holidaymakers at Cabrera Island would be able to occupy their holiday capering around the island and its surroundings.

It is easy to get to Cabrera Island with the many frequent boat trips available from any of the main islands of the Balearic Islands such as Mallorca and Menorca. The boat ride is about an hour long to allow tourists a great sight of natural beauty along the cruise.

Passing by various small islands to Cabrera, tourists on the boat trip can view Na Foradada which is a lighthouse on top of a large rock. There are also various small islands such as Na Pobra, S’Illot Pla, Na Plana, Conills and L’Esponja which offer some natural beaches and landscapes to enjoy some tranquility.

Cabrera port
Cabrera is one of the best unadulterated islands amongst the Balearic Islands. This untouched paradise has a natural port which most boats anchor at. Porto de Cabrera is positioned at the island’s north east which is ideal for taking up and dropping off tourists.

The highlight at the port is Cape Llebeig that sports a splendid lighthouse as a reference point for the island. There is also a 14th century fortress near Porto de Cabrera which used to be a defense structure against pirate attacks. It became a prison during another war with Napoleon where French soldiers were imprisoned. There are various ancient remnants in the form of historical monuments that remind one of such events. These and more of Cabrera history are also visible at the local museum.

Beach delight
Most tourists come to Cabrera Island for the unadulterated beauty of its beaches all around. There is plenty of soft white sand on the vast beaches with warm waters for one and all to enjoy the sunshine. Families love Cabrera Island for the vast space to frolic on the beach with the wide range of water sports available.

There are many interesting bays to be discovered on a leisurely stroll. The Cova Blava cave is especially renowned for its unique light reflections inside; hence, it is called the “blue cave”.

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The Royal Palace - Palacio Real de Madrid

Palacio Real de Madrid or the Royal Palace of Madrid is an outstanding architectural splendour of the capital city of Spain. The residence of the Spanish royals on the eastern bank of the Manzanares River is the top attraction of Madrid.

The 18th century palace was built at the site of a medieval Alcazar fortress, which was destroyed by a devastating fire in 1734, on the Christmas Eve. Although the palace was constructed following the instructions of King Philip V, the décor of the palace and a number of later works are attributed to Charles III.

Architecture of the Royal Palace
Palacio Real de Madrid is predominantly a Baroque-style palace. Framing the windows of the palace tall stone pilasters rise up to the top floor of the royal palace, which is crowned by a large balustrade adorned with sculptures of kings and saints. The luxurious gardens surrounding the palace enhance the visual appeal of the Royal Palace.

The ground floor of the palace has the Royal Library, the Royal Armoury and the Royal Pharmacy. The most interesting rooms worth exploring in the palace include the Columns Room, Royal Guards’ Room, King Charles III’s room and the Hall of Mirrors. Not to be missed is the large art collection of the palace that includes works of Goya, El Greco, Velazquez and Caravaggio.

The magnificent gardens surrounding the Royal Palace are the ideal hideaways from the bustling city. No visitor to the palace can ignore the attraction of the greenery surrounding the palace. Campo del Moro Gardens is a fascinating landscaped garden. Occasionally social events are hosted in the garden in the summer by the Spanish king. On the northern side of the palace, the Sabatini Garden is a magnificent landscaped garden built on the site of the royal stables designed by the famous architect Francesco Sabatini. The garden is decorated with sculptures and fountains and has a large pond.

Getting to the Royal Palace
The palace is a short walk from the underground station at Opera. From the centre of Madrid, the Royal Palace is about 15 minutes walk from Plaza Mayor.

The palace is open to visitors from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Admission Fee
Guided tours to the palace costs 10 euros. Without guides, it costs 8 euros to explore the palace. Admission fee for children from five to 16 years of age, elderly visitors over 65 and students is 5 euros. Entry fee is not required for children below five years of age.

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Top 10 Vacation Destinations in Spain

Spain is an irresistible travel destination. Its magnificent cities, fabulous beaches, scenic islands and picturesque mountainous regions tempt visitors to explore this fascinating country. With its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and exhilarating nightlife, Spain is the ideal destination for a pleasurable vacation.

With attractions abundant, scattered throughout the country, there is no dearth of vacation destinations in Spain. With accommodations ranging from luxurious villas to budget bed and breakfast accommodations, Spain welcomes travelers of every temperament.

Top Vacation Destinations in Spain

1. Barcelona
The cosmopolitan culture of Barcelona blends the best of Gothic and modern Europe. With gorgeous cathedrals and art galleries, Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities of Europe. You can soak up the sun on the Barceloneta beach and relax in the Montjuic’s gardens. Arouse the shopaholic and the epicurean inside you with a visit to the bustling La Boqueria Market and numerous other shops, boutiques and restaurants of the city.

2. Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca or the white coast is a year round holiday destination in Spain. Valencia with its museums, art galleries, architecture and fabulous cuisine is the major city in the region. The coastline is dotted with luxurious resorts and beachfront hotels.

3. Salamanca
About 200 km from Madrid, in northwestern Spain, the old city of Salamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the oldest University towns of Europe. Its beautiful public squares, palatial houses, religious buildings and museums are among the popular attractions of Spain.

4. Majorca
Majorca, also called Mallorca, is the largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The ideal destination for secluded beach vacation, Majorca is also renowned for its scintillating nightlife.

5. Menorca
Surrounded by the turquoise sea and covered with lush vegetation, Menorca is a slice of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the perfect romantic escapade for couples.

6. Madrid
A city where the old comfortably shares space with the new, Madrid with its wide array of attractions is a popular vacation destination in Spain. It has lots to offer to the art aficionados, music enthusiasts, gourmands and shopaholics. Tourists flock to Madrid to witness the fury of bulls and experience its sensuous nightlife.

7. Canary Islands
Attracted by its breathtakingly beautiful landscape tourists from around the world flock to the Canary Islands. A prominent tourist attraction of the Spanish archipelago is the Teide National Park.

8. Granada
Granada with its Islamic quarters, the ancient fortress perched on the hill, the snow covered Sierra Nevada and the numerous tapas restaurants is an outstanding destination for a holiday.

9. Costa Brava
Costa Brava or the Wild Coast of Spain extends from Barcelona in the north to the border of France. Its quaint fishing villages and lovely resort towns offer numerous leisure pursuits.

10. Ibiza
Ibiza is one of the best places to bask in the sun on a scenic beach and go on a nature walk in the wooded highlands.

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